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The Sanctuary – 2,350 square feet – a new home for Fairfield United and a Community Commons

Unity Commons recognizes the importance of public space and the role that it plays in fostering inclusive and compassionate communities. The subsidization of the Sanctuary allows for the new home for Fairfield United and a much-needed new community amenity.

Reverend Beth Walker: The culture of our worship is inclusive, welcoming and takes place in community. Our new, purpose-built Sanctuary will continue to serve as the Spirited Heart of Fairfield – and it will serve as a place of connection and inclusion for the comunity to utilize to deepen relationships, celebrate belonging and create meaning. Fairfield United believes in a community of all ages, family styles and genders living together. The Sanctuary will become an intersection of inter-faith traditions and cultural activities; A sacred, inclusive community. Our congregation will worship in our Sanctuary – and we will be opening our doors to those who wish to share this beautiful space with us throughout the week and in the evenings. The Sanctuary will be a neighbourhood amenity – a place of welcome and well-being for other groups and community activities.

Café and public space

The footprint of Unity Commons is smaller than the footprint of the existing church buildings allowing for more public space. A new café with an outdoor seating area has been introduced on the corner of Moss and Fairfield to improve and energize the public realm. This addition promotes community connection and offers a safe and welcoming outdoor seating area. New tree plantings and a new sidewalk area improves site lines and access to the existing crosswalk promoting public safety. 

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